Frequently asked Questions:

1. Is an Electric Fireplace Right for You?

An electric fireplace is one of the most convenient types of hearth devices. Electric fireplaces do not require venting, they can be placed almost anywhere and they plug directly into most electrical outlets.

2.How do you turn off the heat and only use the flame?

On every page of our products you will find instruction manuals on how to turn off the heat and hold the flame.

3.What is the difference between the different types of fireplaces?

Our fireplaces are divided into wall fireplaces and built-in fireplaces or both.
Wall mounted type hangs on the wall; Built-in type is inserted into the wall.

4. Is there a fireplace that I can hang on the wall that I don't need to open the wall for?

Yes, all of our chimneys on sale, but we recommend putting the chimneys in the wall as it looks more elegant.

5. What size are you?

We have some models with standard sizes. If you want other sizes, it can be customized for you.
Please let us know your size in advance.

6.What is the voltage of the chimney?

Our voltage can be 110V, 220V.

7.Could you help us to ship?

Our shipping is free in Germany.

8.Do you have a manual for the fireplace?

Yes, we have manual in English.

9.Could you help us install the fireplace?

Yes, installing the fireplace is easy. We can make drawings for you based on your requirements.

10.What is a guarantee?

Our guarantee is 12 months after the purchase of our fireplace.
If glass or other parts are damaged within 12 months, you need to replace them, we will send you the spare parts for free.